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Stephanie Lachance-Portrait Photographer

My style of images has been described as pure, fresh and original with a blend of fine-art editorial portraiture. I started photography while living in Japan, which made me a detail oriented photographer.

I offer vibrant wedding photography services and customed maternity newborn, baby children and corporate photography in my natural light studio, in your home or a great outdoor area.

I am also proud of having been named "One of the top 25 most inspiring Canadian wedding photographers of 2011 & 2012" by Wedding Bells magazine, and to have won a prestigious WPPI Silver Award.

I am known for my original photography style and my work as been published in children and wedding magazines and prestigious wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty.

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Photographe nouveau-ne lachancephoto 009

We think that the most generous gift you can offer you child is a memory of himself at that age, and we thrive to offer you the best personalised experience in a comfortable space.

Newborn sessions usually last up to 3 hours, allowing plenty of time for smoothing, feedings and a variety of poses and set ups. I photograph newborn of around 5-14 days old. Older newborn sleep less and don't curl up as much.


Here are some FAQ about our professional newborn photography sessions.

Q: Do you travel to peoples homes or is it only in studio?

A: We custom built our natural light photography studio to be as comfortable for you and your newborn to make it a pleasant experience, but also, we need to have full control on lighting and provide you with a great choice of props and backgrounds. Since we do not know about the conditions of your home, the space and lighting, we only offer newborn photography sessions in our studio.

Q: When is the best time to book my session?

A: The ideal time is to contact us when you are pregnant. We can schedule an approximate date in our calendar, and we will give you tips for a smooth session.

Q: Why do you only offer newborn photography sessions from 6 to 14 days old?

A: Newborns stay little for a very short amount of time, are very flexible and they stay in a deeper sleep. This allows us to place them in our wide range of accessories and to be able to pose them. After that period of time, the sessions get a lot harder, giving us less possibilities for providing you with the images we hare known to deliver our clients.

Q: Why does sessions last 2 to 3hrs?

A: We take the time it takes to provide you with great portraits, and this in a comfortable space with no stress. Depending on the collaboration of your baby, we give ourselves the time to feed and to go at his/her pace. We want the you to have a relaxing, stress free session, that considers the safety of the baby and it's comfort.

Q: Are the parents included in the portraits or just the baby?

A: YES! Of course! We take the time to provide you with some family pictures, including brothers, sisters, grand-parents or whom ever you judge as importance. We only need to limit a certain number of siblings, because of the size of our studio, but also, because we also organize the sessions in a certain manner. We ususaly take family pictures with the newborn at the beginning or very end, asking every one to leave afterward to make sure that the session with the baby is in a very calm and quiet environment.

Q: Do you do retouching or is that extra?

A: We retouch every portraits and with no extra fees. Small imperfections, teeth, signs of fatigue and some treatments that will make you look gorgeous. We understand that it can be quite a acomplishement to look great after just giving birth.

Q: Can we bring our own accessories?

A: We have many unique props that we provide you in our studio, ranging from antiques to backdrops and blankets. If you have some objects or concepts that you cherish, we can incorporate them in the sessions. We encourage you to look at the styles of portraits that we offer to make sure we are the proper choice for you as we have our own artistic views concerning props and acessories, and can't always accomodate requests if this conflicts with our style.  


Canvas wrap, unique frames and beautiful albums are available.


Please contact us for more details.

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We will make you feel Glamorous with your belly


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We care about the quality of the images we provide for you and the personalized experience at our studio. Our goal is to provide you with gorgeous portraits of you, your loved ones or any types of photographs in a fun and relaxing environment.

We have a long standing reputation as being a studio that offers both great images, but also an impeccable service. We are true professional photographers, in an established photography studio, with over 10 years of experience.

We will make you feel beautiful, and offer you magazine quality images that you will cherish for many years to come. 

Here are some FAQ about our maternity photography session

Q: When is the best time for maternity photography sessions?

R:The ideal time is between 30 to 36 weeks. Your belly will show, and you will not be too swollen. It's also a good time in case the baby arrives prematurely, missing the opportunity to have belly pictures.

Q: Do you travel to peoples homes or is it only in studio?

A: We offer both services. We custom built our studio to be as comfortable for you to make it a pleasant experience, but we also have full control on lighting and access to all our specialized equipment. But, we also love to go outdoors or to your home when possible (especially in the summer time), and get creative with our locations to provide you with original and unique images. 

Q: How does the session unfold and how long is it?

A: We take the time necessary to provide you with gorgeous images of you, your partner and also with your kids. Family / maternity sessions last about 1hr for a variety of poses, but we also offer mini maternity sessions that last about 30 minutes if you are interested in just belly shots with your partner. 

Q: Can the parents, gran parents or my other children be in the pictures?

A: We take the time to include you, your siblings or anyone else that is important to you. Since we have a limited space, we can only accommodate a limited number of people.

Q: Natural light studio?

A: We are one of  a few rare studios that was custom built for natural light photography. This means that our primary source of light comes from outside, through our windows and skylights, avoiding flashes or any artificial incandescent lights. The colors, skin tones, color of the eyes are much more vibrant for a much more softer feel for gorgeous images. We invite you check out our studio.

Q: Retouches? Extra fees?

A: We retouch every images at no extra costs, including imperfections, whitening the teeth, or any signs of fatigue under the eyes. We want to make sure that you will love yourself in the images.

Q: Can we bring our own accessories?

A: We are always happy to discuss any special requests or concepts that you may have or bring props that have significance to you. That being said, we want to make sure that we are the right fit for you and that our maternity photography galleries reflect what you are looking for concerning style and quality. We have our own artistic vision and offer unique images that represent who we are, and do not reproduce or copy other photographers styles.

Q: Do you offer advise on what to wear? 

A: Yes. The photographer personally gets in touch with you before the session to offer her advice on clothing and also to explain how the session will unfold, and also give you some great tips to optimize the time with us.

Q: I want to book a session with you! What is the next step?

A: Call us to book the session, or fill out our webform if you still have questions that are left unanswered.


Baby photographer lachancephotoFor babies, it is best to photograph them between 6 and 8 months when they start to sit by themselves but just before they start to crawl.

We offer family photography with the baby, or mini-sessions with the baby by itself.

Baby pictures at that age are great fun, as they smile easely and let their personality shine!

We offer many props to choose from, and a multitude of backgrounds that will satify your senses. We have a great deal of experience to offer you gorgeous images of your little baby, that will last generations. 

Visit our BABY PHOTOGRAHY GALLERY for our latest trendy babies.






I specialize in personalized portraits including newborn, babies, children and glamour photography using natural light in my studio, in your home or a great outdoor area.

For babies, it is best to photograph them between 6 and 8 months when they start to sit by themselves but just before they start to crawl. 





I love to document all kinds of weddings, especially the ones that have lots of details.

I am looking for clients that think photography is an important part of their wedding day.

I meet clients in my studio in Chambly or by phone if a meeting is not possible.  I book my wedding year on a first come, first serve basis.

I only accept a limited amount of weddings per year in order to meet my high quality standards. I do not take every wedding that comes my way and it is important that you click with me and vice versa. I want to make sure I am the perfect fit for you because you deserve the best. 

Wedding packages include a personalized coverage by Stephanie, processing and toning, a private web gallery, prints and high resolution digital images.

Beautiful albums, photobooth and engagement sessions are also available.

Because every wedding is different, please contact us so we can learn more about your wedding day.

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Please contact us for our fees and details.






Allo Stéphanie!

Merci pour les superbes photos, je suis plus que satisfaite du résultat!!! De plus, la présentation est parfait.




Bonsoir Stéphanie,

Il nous a fait plaisir de vous revoir Ă©galement et de travailler avec vous. Les photos sont trĂšs belles et nous te remercions pour ta patience et ton professionnalisme.






Nous avons pris connaissance des photos cet aprĂšs-midi et nous sommes complĂštement
sous le charme :) ! Merci encore pour tout, ton professionnalisme et surtout, ta patience.





WOW!!!! So so happy. They are wonderful, beautiful, amazing pictures. You outdid yourself!!!! These are so beautiful, Stephanie - I am so glad we found you.

Lisa & Louis




Salut Stéphanie,

Bref, on se rappelait à quel point on était contents d'avoir fait affaire avec toi! Tu as su capturer tous les moments d'émotions sur le vif, notamment pendant la cérémonie. Nos photos sont magnifiques, la lumiÚre est superbe. Nous n'avons eu que de beaux commentaires de nos invités, que ce soit sur les photos ou l'album, et nous aurons de superbes souvenirs à jamais!






WOW, WOW, WOW et RE-WOW!!!  Je prends un petit deux minutes pour encore une fois te dire un GROS MERCI. Non seulement nos photos sont magnifiques, mais quelle belle surprise de voir la photo de moi et AndrĂ© avec la petite moto ‘’Alice’’ quand j’ai ouvert la boĂźte. Cette photo Ă©tait dans nos coups de cƓur, mais nous trouvions que le ‘’Alice’’ ne paraissait pas beaucoup. Sur l’impression on le voit trĂšs bien. Ce geste est grandement apprĂ©ciĂ©, tout comme celui de nous offrir la photo de notre grande fille Pixel, parce qu’elle fait Ă©galement intĂ©gralement parti de la famille.





Salut Stéphanie,

Le plaisir Ă©tais pour nous de nous faire photographier par une photographe professionnel et aussi humaine que toi. :)

Nous avons eu bien du plaisir pendant notre séance.





Comment dĂ©crire une expĂ©rience inoubliable sans rien oublier? De toutes les frais engendrĂ©s pour notre mariage, nos photos sont vraiment de loin le meilleur investissement que nous avons pu faire. StĂ©phanie a su capter chaque moment d’émotions, chaque parcelle de cette magnifique journĂ©e. Elle a fait preuve d’un professionnalisme hors du commun avec nous. Nos rapports furent chaleureux du commencement jusqu’à la toute fin.

Nous avons vraiment eu l’impression que StĂ©phanie faisait partie de la famille. Sa passion pour le dĂ©tail fait d’elle une photographe d’exception. SincĂšrement StĂ©phanie Merci. Merci pour ton support et tes idĂ©es qui a fait de cette journĂ©e un moment que nous pourrons revivre Ă  chaque fois que nous regarderons ces superbes photos.

Merci sincĂšrement

Caroline & Pascal





During the planning of our wedding, the one consistent piece of advice we would receive from our married friends was
 “ Make sure your choose a great photographer! You will want to capture the beauty of the event so you can cherish the memories of your wedding forever”.

Stephanie, you were our great choice! Not only were you a fun and friendly person to work with throughout the wedding planning process, but you took the time to understand what we wanted out of our wedding photos and delivered in a big way! The photos you provided were breathtaking
 Your talent truly speaks for itself and we were privileged to have you as our wedding photographer.

Thank you for helping us capture the unique and fun wedding memories that will surely last us lifetime!

All the best,

Stephanie & Ryan





ChÚre Stéphanie,

Choisir un photographe de mariage, c'est déterminer qui tiendra l'appareil le jour J, mais c'est aussi et surtout décider qui entrera dans notre intimité et rencontrera les gens qui comptent le plus au monde pour nous. C'est un choix que nous n'avons pas fait à la légÚre et que nous n'avons jamais regretté. Tu es certes une photographe de grand talent, mais aussi et surtout une personne extraordinaire. Merci d'avoir documenté le plus beau jour de notre vie.

Marie-HĂ©lĂšne & Kevin




Dear Stephanie,

We would like to express our grattitude for your attendance at our wedding. You not only captured the day perfectly, but you made the whole experience so fun and easy. Your photos have made their way all over Europe, Canada & the U.S and we can't tell you how many amazing compliments we received. So, thank you again for making our wedding day that much more special. We hope that you will keep in touch and we wish you continued success in your career.

Many thanks,

Vanja & Kenji



ChÚre Stéphanie,

Comment te dire merci d'avoir si bien figĂ© sur photos, Ă  tout jamais, les moments les plus magnifiques de notre vie. On dit que tout le monde, Ă  sa façon, possĂšde sa propre beautĂ© intĂ©rieure... Et tu as ce don magique de savoir comment la faire sortir pour qu'elle apparaisse dans sa plus belle expression. Le don de faire vivre les dĂ©cors existants et de saisir au bon moment l'Ă©tincelle de bonheur qui gĂźt au fond du regard lors de ce jour merveilleux ! Merci pour ton grand professionnalisme que tu mĂȘles agrĂ©ablement Ă  l'humour et Ă  l'originalitĂ© que tu possĂšdes. Nous avons dĂ©jĂ  hĂąte aux sessions de maternitĂ© 

Bisous xxx

Elisabeth et Jean-Philippe



Bonjour Stéphanie,

Comment dire, cet album est tout simplement MAGNIFIQUE !!!
La qualité est vraiment supérieure à tout ce que j'ai vu, que nous avons vu jusqu'à maintenant.
Et oui, ça dépasse et de loin nos attentes!!!
La conception du montage photos : wow! que c'est beau...
franchement, tu as fait un travail splendide et je suis plus qu'heureuse que ce fût toi, la photographe de notre mariage.
Mon petit mari d'amour et moi, tenons sincĂšrement Ă  te dire MERCI pour tout.

Simon & Shirley xx





Thanks again for doing such a fabulous job of photographing our wedding. We loved having you share our big day at the cottage

Julie& Trevor




Dear Stephanie,

Magalie & I would like to thank you for being part of our wedding. Stephanie, you have been great to work with, we absolutely love your approach, your work and your skills, as you are a true artist.

Jason& Magalie




Bonjour Stéphanie!

Nous revenons tout juste de notre lune de miel et quelle surprise de voir que la gallerie Ă©tait dĂ©jĂ  prĂȘte!
Tu as vraiment su capter nos émotions et plusieurs de nos moments préférés.
Tu as vraiment charmé nos parents, ils étaient enchantés de ton attitude et de ton professionnalisme. C'est comme si on te connaissait tous depuis longtemps et que tu faisais partie de la famille. De plus, nous sommes trÚs satisfaits des photos

Amélie (et Francis) xx




The pictures are beautiful. I absolutely love them. You have made me look much better than I ever did in real life. :) These will be with us forever and they are so stunning! I am really very happy with them and with how things turned out - thank you so much for all of your work and for these amazing photos!

Maria & Mike



Allo Stéphanie!

Les photos sont vraiment trĂšs belle, je dirais mĂȘme Ă©coeurantes!!

Melanie & Jf




I LOVE the photos!!!! You are so talented!! Thank you so much! You did a beautiful job! Thank you! Thank you!

Heather :)



Hi Stephanie!

Tony and I (and my family) just looked through the wedding photos--they are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Everyone is VERY impressed! We want them all!! They really took our breath away--we knew they would be great, but you've really blown us away!! You're amazing!!! :)
Take care and thanks again for the amazing work!! It was a pleasure sharing our special day with you!!

Jessica & Tony



Dear Stephanie,

We can't thank you enough for all the beautiful photos. You did an amazing job capturing all the details of our big day. Lastly, thank you for your kind words, encouragement and support.

Love always,

Erin & Daniel xoxo



ChÚre Stéphanie,

Du shooting photo fiançailles, en passant par le mariage jusqu'au "Trash the dress" , ton talent, ton professionnalisme et ta crĂ©ativitĂ© nous ont totalement enchantĂ©!!!Tu as rĂ©ussi Ă  capter les plus beaux moments  de notre vie avec une telle originalitĂ©!!!Tu as su faire ressortir notre personnalitĂ© au travers des photos!!! Et que dire de notre sĂ©ance "Trash the dress "...  Ce moment unique restera gravĂ© dans ma mĂ©moire pour toujours et le rĂ©sultat final est totalement rĂ©ussi!! L'album est tout simplement merveilleux!!! Tu nous a si bien accompagnĂ© tout au long de ce magnifique pĂ©riple, que nous gardons de toi un souvenir mĂ©morable!! Tu es une perle rare et nous sommes vraiment heureux que tu es partagĂ© ces beaux moments avec nous!


Anick et Mario xoxo




Salut Stéphanie,


Je prends quelques instants pour te dire que les photos sont magnifiques!  J'ai pris rendez-vous chez le coiffeur pour le 24 dĂ©cembre car j'ai rĂ©alisĂ© combien c'est important de se trouver belle en photo.  Tes photos me font sentir trĂšs belle!

Eve xxx




Bonjour Stéphanie, merci beaucoup pour les photos elles sont magnifiques!

Joelle & Max





Bonjour Stéphanie !
Nous avons regardĂ©, regardĂ© et regardĂ© encore les photos hier soir: elles sont magnifiques ! Impossible de dire quelle photo est notre prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©e, elles sont toutes plus belles les unes que les autres !
Nous voulions te dire encore une fois que nous avons sincĂšrement apprĂ©ciĂ© t'avoir comme photographe pour notre mariage ! On n'aurait pas pu avoir mieux !!! Ton souci du dĂ©tail, ton efficacitĂ©, ton professionnalisme et ta bonne humeur cadraient tout Ă  fait avec nous ! De plus, tout notre entourage a vraiment aimĂ© te cotoyer pendant la journĂ©e ! Ils t'ont trouvĂ© tellement gentille ! Et nous aussi d'ailleurs; j'avais vraiment l'impression que c'Ă©tait une de nos amies qui prenait les photos... Merci d'avoir contribuĂ© Ă  rendre cette journĂ©e parfaite !!!


Nadia & Phil 





Milles merci StĂ©phanie! Ce fĂ»t une journĂ©e magnifique! La plus belle journĂ©e de notre vie! Et grĂące Ă  toi et Ă  ton talent, nous avons des photos qui reflĂštent la grandeur et la beautĂ© de ce jour mĂ©morable... Tu sais rendre les gens Ă  l'aise,et ça devient alors facile et amusant de se prĂȘter au jeu de stars! :) Nous sommes trĂšs heureux de toutes les photos que tu as prises, de la "bĂ©daine", d'Adam et de notre mariage... Tu es une artiste! Merci beaucoup


Mireille & J-D 





Merci encore pour les superbes photos! Ton professionnalisme et ta gentillesse nous mets en confiance et ajoute à la beauté de notre journée. Une journée inoubliable!

Nathalie & David

Tes photos sont magnifiques StĂ©phanie! Nous avons aimĂ© ton dynamisme lors de cette journĂ©e! Tu as su immortaliser Ă  merveille la plus belle journĂ©e de notre vie. Merci pour tout StĂ©phanie ! 


MylĂšne & Philippe





Merci Stéphanie!!!

Elles sont tout simplement magnifiques!!! il y en a ce sont des photos dignes de magasine!!! wow!!!

Caroline & Eric xx



Salut Stephanie,

We received your magnificent photos and were extremely pleased with the presentation and quality of the photos. We have hung them around our apartment and will enjoy looking at them everyday!


Pernille & Jonnie





One of the most fun parts of our wedding was the photo shoot! Whether our ideas were romantic, cute, funny, or flat out crazy, StĂ©phanie was on board, knew exactly what we wanted, and had fun doing it! She really has THE eye... great locations, perfect composition, original ideas, and each photo oozes personality. She really caught what our day was all about. Artistic, professional, and enthusiastic... really couldn't ask for better.


It was an absolute pleasure having you capture our wedding for us. You didn't just take pictures, you froze time. Each time we look at them it feels like it was yesterday. Our wedding photos were one of the only things we didn't need to stress about!


Kristin & Dan

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